Monday, October 18, 2010

"Mom, if everyone gave just a little..."


Out of the mouth of my son. My Tylor. My second born of the triplets. How he makes me proud. I am often in awe of how big his heart is.

Last night, I was taking pictures of family heirlooms to sell on ebay. I was telling him stories of the items like where I remember them being in the orginal owner's house, how I think that person would feel about us selling them, and how I felt about HAVING to sell them to get $$. He always listens, always seems to be interested. Such a beautiful soul.

He stopped, thought real hard for a momentPhotobucket and said: "Mom, if everyone that has read our blog would save just $1 every day for 10 days and send it in, we could have at least $1000 by now, couldn't we?" "Yes." I said to him. "At least 100 people have been by here." He then asked: "Why then, have only 3 people helped us out? Do they not care about N?" "Oh, I think that they do. I just do not think that they put it in the same perspective that you do." "Gosh Mom, $1 is only 1 soda." "You are right Ty, you are right."

How can I argue with that?? Now, if everyone would just follow Tylor's advice and set aside just $1 a day for 10 days towards our Homestudy to adopt N, we would be forever grateful! We are so anxious to get things rolling...Can you sacrifice 1 soda or cup of coffee for the sake of an orphan? The challenge is yours for the taking....


Theresa said...

I think a lot of people would like to but are scared to because of this crappy economy. I was basically told today that my job is over in Nov, which I already suspected; they "clean house" every Nov. I've been frantically job searching to no avail. Not even ONE interview in the past month. Last week I had a garage sale, worked hours and hours on it, and made enough over 3 days (2 weekends!) to earn just half my electric bill for Oct. Then I loaded up family heirlooms into my car, tons and tons of stuff that is super nice, vintage from my grandma's estate that KILLED me to have to sell, went to every antique shop in a 50 mile radius and not ONE thing sold!

Tylor is such a sweetie! I wish my boys were around him as he is such a great role model. $10 right now would get me 3 gallons of milk, so it's just hard times,esp. single moms where we have no fallback 2nd income. If you could get more wealthy or even middle class married people to look at the site, you may do better, and get the word out big time.

One thing that might be helpful is a blurb by the Donate button that the person who donates would be anonymous (if it is anon--can it be with Paypal?). I've heard lot of people say that they don't donate to stuff b/c then people have their address or phone # and get solicited over and over. if it's anon, it might help to mention that their name & info is not seen by anyone. Best of luck on this adventure!

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