Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Extreme Home Makeover (Pelzer Edition) Part 1....

It seemed fairly straightforward. Really. It was just a straight lift. Ran the course of a straight staircase. Just remove the screws, track, seat and voila!

Right?? Wrong!!!

Oh my word! Tylor, Taylar and myself are covered in bumps and bruises because of our battle with that thing! What I thought would be a simple removal process turned into a 2-day, 6 hour WAR!

I was NOT going to be defeated. It HAD to go. It no longer worked. Tobey no longer used to it on the rare occasion that he DID go upstairs. It HAD to be removed. We would NOT pass any safety inspection or Homestudy with that on our staircase. I am single mom superstar. Surely I can remove a stairlift.... Insert idiot picture here.

Note to all who are out there: If you do not have a degree or license in installing and removing adaptive equipment, you should NOT attempt to do such things on your own. And, it is more important to note, that you should never bring your 14 year-olds, who know even less about such devices, in to assist you!

We fought, jumped on, and beat it with a hammer... You name it and we tried it. My poor floor bore the brunt of the seat and has the wounds to show it. Just when I was going to give in and just find a big strong man at church to help, I stopped, cried like a baby, prayed really hard, and gave it one more try. A few knocks on the head and scratches to the bannister and it was out! We did it!

Now, is it really gone?? That my friends I do not know... I will not know if the trashmen had mercy upon me and took it till I get home from work tonight... If they didn't, I think it will just stay outside and become a new lawn decoration. Perhaps we could plant flowers around it???


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