Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just thinking....

Today, I have just been thinking...This is REALLY a HUGE step for me. I do NOT do the UNKNOWN, the NEW, the UNFAMILIAR. I never have. I like stable. I like to know what is going on. What will happen tomorrow. The next day and the next.

Strange thing is this... I find myself oddly excited. I am so very thrilled at the thought of what might be happening to myself and my family. To be able to provide a safe, warm, loving home to a child who was considered a "throw away" by someone else is just inspiring. And, what we will do for him will be nothing compared to what he will do for us!! The joy that he will bring into our home will be immeasurable... :)

So, there may be HUGE mountains between us right now, but I have faith that we can climb them and get to the other side where the rewards will be plenty for everyone!


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