Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Reason....

I have always felt that everything happens for a reason. At times, we struggle to see WHAT that reason might be, but it IS there somewhere deep down.

When my sister told me she was moving away in the new year, I was sad. Though we see things differently, and I do NOT get along with her husband, she DOES have my ONLY niece and nephew and is my ONLY sister and our kids LOVE each other. I was going to miss them and the cousins that my children love. :(

However, T and I were discussing this morning that there was a good reason for them moving. T mentioned that Aunt Kim would not "have anything nice to say about us adopting" which is very true. My sister has already voiced many times that she feels I have "too many kids." Adding another would not be seen as anything positive in her eyes.

So, perhaps God was removing an obstacle for us to help make things a tad less stressful?

Thanks. ANYTHING positive is HUGELY appreciated... :)


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