Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rock Solid


Really, that is all I can say about my children as a unit...

They are the most fabulous group that I have seen. Right now, my son Tobey is in the hospital. He has been for the past 9 days. This is nothing new in our house. We are managing. We always do, but the thing that I have noticed is that my children make the most solid unit of love. They support and hold each other up in such a profound way. Where I lack because I am with Tobey, they make up to each other. It is a beautiful sight to see. No one does without if mom cannot be there. They just fill the void themselves for each other. I beam with pride and highly anticipate bringing N into such a warm environment.

A home with love and support that is as solid as the foundation of the house that it resides in!


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