Friday, January 7, 2011



The love that is present in my home often takes my breath away. I sit back at night, when all of my children are sleeping and just smile. I cannot believe how very lucky I am. 5 beautiful children who all have such huge hearts. All 5 are so warm and caring. The love that they share for each other is bigger than I could have ever imagined. They actually enjoy being together and my littles look up to my big ones as idols. It is a sight!



As we look forward to adding N to our family, the talk of what it will do is awesome! The kids are so excited! The little ones talk about WHAT they will teach him. Brennyn has already told me WHERE his bed will be in the room and Baylee has already voiced her disappointment with the fact that he will NOT be in HER room. :) My big kids talk about how neat they think it will be to have a little guy in our home and how cool it will be to be able to show him everything that he has been unable to see living in an orphanage. All of the talk has just done my heart good and assured me that this is something that my kids will be just FINE with...

One thing is for sure. N will NOT lack in the LOVE department in our house! :)


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