Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's OVER.....


I CANNOT believe it, but it is sadly true... I keep a steady watch on N over at RR. See if any donations have come in, just look at his cute face, etc. Well, yesterday, I went to do my every-other-day viewing and COULD NOT FIND HIM! I was a tad distraught to say the least! I posted on the chat board to see if anyone had an idea. No response. I emailed the director today, and her reply FLOORED ME.... "N does NOT have DS and thus is not available for international adoption." She continued to say that she hoped she could help me with a another child. Huh??? Aren't these things discovered BEFORE a child is listed? And, knowing that I was working towards committing to him, wouldn't it have been nice to let me know?

I have worked my tail off to come up with the $$ that I need for the Homestudy and committment. I was just about a week away from meeting my goal and now this??? Really??? I really thought that mistakes this big were not made. I am just heartbroken as myself, my family and my friends have fallen in love with this little boy and his gorgeous face.


I don't know WHAT or WHERE we will go from here. I am making no decisions in this condition... Will just try and enjoy the holiday with my children and move on. Then, when I have a bit of clarity, I will see WHAT I think is best for us.... :(


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